The WeMobile Sharing Solution for shared mobility can best be explained by highlighting four elements: the hardware (the lock), the MaaS software, the management module and the user app. Read more about it here.

Hardware: smart lock

The WeMobile Sharing Solution starts with the in-house developed lock. A robust and future-proof piece of state of the art technology that guarantees that every bicycle is properly locked and that it functions smoothly in all circumstances.

Hardware: smart lock

The lock not only has a Narrowband IoT functionality, but also a 4G and even 2G functionality as a backup. So it is the most secure smart lock on the market. Users open the lock with an app. This eliminates the need for keys as well as complex parking spaces.

Stations to pick up and return bikes are determined on the basis of GPS. Opening the lock with the app starts a ride and it can be ended by locking the bike in a station. The lock recognizes the location and automatically ends the ride.

  • Fits any (electric) bike
  • Future-proof technology
  • External sensors are easy to connect

The total trip: MaaS integrator

Mobility as a Service - MaaS - is on the rise. A new standard has been developed to allow providers of shared mobility to communicate with each other in a uniform manner: TO-MP.

The total trip: MaaS integrator

For the user, MaaS offers added value by providing a chain of means of transport that meets the complete mobility needs. It is important that the transport facilities are brought together in a single user application.

The WeMobile Sharing Solution has been developed in-house completely according to the TO-MP standard. This allows us to provide a shared bicycle system that completes the transport facility. Moreover, our solution has a modular structure and can be used in various licensing models.

  • License models (OEM partnership)
  • Plug-and-play
  • TO-MP standard

Backoffice: management

WeMobile Sharing's management system provides a clear dashboard.

Backoffice: management

Within project management, all relevant data is transparent and adjustable. This includes GPS station locations, the creation of assets, determining rates for use, subscription management, payment options and user analyses.

  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Simple and highly flexible project management

WeMobile Sharing Core License

  • WeMobile Hardware platform
  • WeMobile Sharing Solution
  • WeMobile Backend Management

The WeMobile Sharing Solution - the Tenant API - contains all the building blocks for a complete sharing system (GBFS and TO-MP API). This license is suitable for parties who want to develop their own environment, CMS and app and MaaS providers who want to make a link with our hardware platform (the lock and the gps parking places).

WeMobile Sharing Full Backend License

  • WeMobile Sharing Core License
  • WeMobile Client API
  • WeMobile CMS-portal

In addition to the components in the WeMobile Sharing Core License, this license includes the WeMobile Client API and CMS portal. This makes the license especially suitable for parties who want to make full use of the WeMobile Sharing Solution, but want to develop their own user application.

WeMobile Sharing White Label License

  • WeMobile Sharing Core License
  • WeMobile Client API
  • WeMobile CMS-portal
  • WeMobile Gebruikersapp

The WeMobile Sharing White Label License is a plug-and-play license. This license includes the end-user application. After setting up a logo, corporate identity colors and fonts, no further investment or development is required to deploy the WeMobile Sharing Solution.

WeMobile Sharing App

The front application for communication with the hardware platform - the WeMobile lock - is the user application. Depending on the chosen license form, the functionality can be integrated into an existing application (MaaS) or deployed in white label.

WeMobile Sharing App

The WeMobile Sharing App supports the complete mobility solution for the user: finding GPS stations, viewing bike stock, booking and unlocking bikes, viewing user history, profile settings, billing and payments.

  • Hopperpoint's own app
  • Also available in white label
  • Functionality via MaaS integration
  • API available for app in own development