WeMobile Sharing Solution

the most advanced IoT platform for shared mobility

WeMobile Sharing Solution

This is WeMobile Sharing

WeMobile Sharing offers the most advanced IoT platform for shared mobility on the market. The core of our service consists of an in-house developed mobility solution: a smart lock - hardware - and modular deployable software - back end and front end - for the deployment of shared bikes.  

The solution can also be made suitable for, for example, shared scooters or shared footbikes. From an intelligent MaaS integrator to a ready-made white label shared bike solution: WeMobile Sharing offers a complete, secure and future-proof shared mobility solution developed entirely according to the latest TO-MP standard.

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WeMobile Sharing Solution in the field

Hopperpoint uses the WeMobile Sharing Solution.  Are you interested in this use case? Visit the Hopperpoint website for more information.